Materials Genome Initiative

The Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) is a multi-agency initiative designed to create a new era of policy, resources, and infrastructure that support U.S. institutions in the effort to discover, manufacture, and deploy advanced materials twice as fast as typically occurs today, and at a fraction of the cost.  Launched by the President in June 2011, MGI generated $63 million in FY 2012 research grants across multiple agencies and catalyzed commitments from more than 60 companies and universities to advance the MGI through their own business, research, and education practices.

The widespread implementation of new and advanced materials is essential for technological innovation and U.S. global competitiveness. The U.S. federal government's Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) is a multi-stakeholder effort focused on developing the infrastructure needed to enable the materials science community to design, develop, manufacture, and deploy advanced materials at least twice as fast as possible today and at half the cost. The Materials Genome Initiative builds upon a 2008 study published by the National Research Council, Integrated Computational Materials Engineering: A Transformational Discipline for Improved Competitiveness and National Security.

The Materials Genome Initiative includes several key components designed to accelerate materials innovation and bring long-term benefits, including the development of:

  • The development of new, integrated computational experimental and data informatics tools;
  • The development of new methods for material characterization,
  • Open standards and databases to optimize materials, manufacturing processes, and component design long before fabrication begins;
  • Consolidation of research and development efforts for a more cohesive, efficient approach to developing materials; and
  • Lower-cost insertion of advanced materials into U.S. manufacturing.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy named Georgia Tech a regional coordinating institution for the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) for the Southeastern United States. In this role, Georgia Tech's Institute for Materials has hosted several educational events designed to bring together the nation's top researchers and thought leaders to develop the tools, teams and technologies needed to the accelerate the discovery and development of advanced materials.