Message from our Director

Georgia Tech's Institute for Materials Executive Director Dr. David L. McDowell explains the transformative research being   conducted across the materials community and how IMat supports more than 200 faculty members conducting that research.

“The materials innovation ecosystem, supported by Georgia Tech’s Institute for Materials, is designed to foster an environment that supports and enhances creativity in the broad materials community, resulting in new and improved materials that are sustainably incorporated into products.”

— David McDowell, Executive Director, Georgia Tech Institute for Materials

Formally launched in June 2013, the Georgia Tech Institute for Materials represents a community of more than 200 faculty and staff conducting materials-related research. This community is providing leadership in discovery and development of materials that address 21st century grand challenges in areas such as energy, mobility, infrastructure, computing, communications, security, and health. 

Materials research is foundational in enabling technology advancement in various realms that impact everyday life, ranging from human-computer interfaces and smartphones to automobiles and aircraft, from artificial limbs and organs to batteries and power plants, to name but a few.

The Institute for Materials engages broadly across the Georgia Tech campus with other Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs) that are focused on broad application domains such as manufacturing, bioengineering and biosciences, and electronics and nanotechnology. 

IMat bridges across all colleges and academic units at Georgia Tech, including the Georgia Tech Research Institute to foster a materials innovation ecosystem, designed to support and enhance the collaborative environment of the fast-paced and evolving world of materials research and education.