Materials Innovation Initiatives

The Georgia Tech Institute for Materials is configured to assist in identifying and flexibly supporting rapidly evolving materials research concepts and opportunities. Initiatives include:

  • Workshops to foster awareness of materials innovation infrastructure; to identify emergent fields of multidisciplinary research that offer potential for novel, disruptive materials solutions; and to explore partnerships with industry, government labs, and other academic institutions.
  • Support of concept development and execution of large-scale interdisciplinary proposals in coordination with other interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs) and the Office of Industry Collaboration and Commercialization at Georgia Tech.
  • Support of large-scale cross-cutting proposal development.
  • Promoting potentially disruptive materials discovery and development through competitive multidisciplinary X-Materials initiatives that engage faculty and student teams that consider both the basic science aspects and potential downstream societal and economic impact, invoking the principles of use-inspired research.
  • Facilitating strategic linkages between materials research at Georgia Tech and industry.
  • Working with the Georgia Tech data sciences community to create an exploratory web-based environment to enhance research collaboration, exchange and interpretation of data, employ advanced spatial statistics of material structure in correlations with properties, and to promote concurrency of materials discovery and development.
  • Developing and offering short courses and on-line courses to develop the future workforce in materials innovation, with emphasis on accelerated discovery and development of materials.
  • Networking with the broader national and international materials research and education community through professional society study groups and committees.