Materials Equipment Database

The Institute for Materials developed the Materials Equipment Database to faciltate searching of all equipment items valued at $3,000 or more that has been registered and tagged through Georgia Tech's Property Control Department.  This capability is presently available to Georgia Tech faculty, staff and students.  This database is intended to enhance the collaborative environment for materials research and education by: increasing the utilization rate, reducing redundancy of capabilities and expensive acquisitions, and informing coordination hiring and retention packages in terms of information regarding existing capabilities/facilities. Equipment details (equipment name, tag number, description, manufacturer, Principal Investigator (custodian), and location (home department) are directly queried from information registered in Georgia Tech Capital Assets and Sponsored Property databases. Faculty and stat in Georgia Tech academic units should report any inaccuracies to their Property Coordinator.

While this tool can aid in searching for materials equipment on campus, the Principal Investigator (custodian) associated with each equipment item will determine the mechanism, if any, by which the equipment may be offered for shared usage.

Additional details regarding the Materials Equipment Database can be found by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions