Georgia Tech’s Institute for Materials is committed to cultivating the next generation of leadership in all aspects pertaining to the role of materials in addressing tomorrow’s challenges. A collaborative learning environment complemented by challenging hands-on experience is key.

Critical skills needed to succeed in the highly competitive global materials workforce have changed dramatically in the past few decades, and continue to rapidly evolve.

Georgia Tech received NSF funding to develop innovations in computing, mathematics, material science, and manufacturing in order to accelerate the creation of new high performance materials for applications.  The 2014-2019 IGERT program, entitled From Learning, Analytics and Materials to Entrepreneurship and Leadership Doctoral Traineeship Program (FLAMEL), supported a number of doctoral students over a five year period. 

Georgia Tech’s academic educational environment is designed to provide command of fundamental scientific and engineering aspects of materials, including synthesis and processing, structure characterization, properties and structure-property relations, materials theory and computation, thermodynamics, kinetics, manufacture with materials, and so forth.  Learn more about cross-cutting offerings in academic units below: