Development Opportunities

The Institute for Materials is committed to promoting a creative, collaborative environment that provides leadership in methods to discover and develop new and improved materials. This requires strategic alliances with visionary industry partners, government agencies, foundations, and individuals investing in academic leadership and the future workforce.  We are interested in working with stakeholders to develop innovative cross-cutting programs in materials research and education.

Endowed Chair in Materials Innovation

Income from this endowment will support the research and education activities of an outstanding faculty member with visionary leadership in the spectrum of materials discovery, design, development, and deployment.  This Chair will be expected to secure resources to push the research frontiers of their fields and lead education and research efforts in key areas that cut across academic disciplines and colleges. The funding, used at the recipient’s discretion, will typically be used for establishing collaborations, investing in new cross-cutting exploratory research directions, and developing new capabilities that strengthen Georgia Tech’s Materials Innovation Ecosystem.

  • Corpus of $2.5 million in engineering or sciences within 3-4 years. — Contact Lori Brown, (, Office of Development

Please direct inquiries to:
Dave McDowell, Executive Director, Institute for Materials
Phone: 404.894.5128