Accelerating Discovery and Development

Materials are everywhere. Solutions to many pressing problems in energy, transportation, the environment, infrastructure, mobility, communications, and health involve new and improved materials.

Georgia Tech’s Institute for Materials is focused on accelerating innovation by building on the Institute’s strengths in scientific research. It now takes less than two years for computer-generated designs of next generation products such as automobiles and smartphones. But the time required to bring those new materials to market is still too long to exploit the competitive edge they can offer in higher performance products.

Accelerating the processes of materials discovery and development requires interdisciplinary collaboration as well as strategic links between academic institutions, government, and industry. Even individual institutions need to integrate the distinct research and education communities into materials science, physics and chemistry, computer and data sciences, engineering systems design, public policy, economics, and other branches of engineering and physical sciences. Connections with the materials supply chain and manufacturers are also necessary to effectively meet demands of the marketplace.

Aligned with Georgia Tech’s concept of an innovation ecosystem for addressing grand challenges of the 21st century, the Institute for Materials is:

  • Building a broad collaborative base for the Georgia Tech materials community via workshops that identify strengths and emergent fields of multidisciplinary research.
  • Enhancing the visibility, support, and collaborative environment for campus materials research centers and cross-cutting proposal development.
  • Promoting potentially disruptive materials discovery and development through competitive X-Materials research initiatives that couple data sciences with modeling and simulation, synthesis, processing, and physical experiments.
  • Working with other Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs) under the Office of the Executive Vice President of Research at Georgia Tech and the Enterprise Innovation Institute to facilitate strategic links between materials research and industry.
  • Engaging the future workforce at the intersection of  data sciences, experiment, and computational modeling to provide value in accelerating materials discovery and development
  • Working with the Georgia Tech data sciences community to create an exploratory web-based environment to enhance research collaboration, exchange and interpretation of data, and to promote concurrency of materials discovery and development.

The Institute for Materials actively collaborates with other IRIs, academic units, and the Georgia Tech Office of Industry Engagement to develop new and innovative ways for industry to engage with materials researchers at Georgia Tech.