American Platform Tennis Association - Ideation Workshop

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 -
Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, 84 5th St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

The American Platform Tennis Association are interested in ways to improve the design/build process from a costs/speed/maintenance/safety/enjoyment of play perspective. 

Questions/concepts to be considered include:

1.Can a polymer-based or composite material be created with the following characteristics?

  • Sufficient thermal conductivity to melt/dry the surface during active precipitation events
  • Enough traction during rainy play so that foot doesn’t slip on the surface, BUT, not too much traction during dry play so that the foot locks on the surface”.
  • Easier (less abrasive) on the body and less injurious during falls
  • Less costly to install than current technologies (~75,000/court)
  • Allow for multi-purpose court utilization throughout the year (pickleball, U10 tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc…

2.What improvements could be made to the current aluminum court surface?

  • Textured during manufacture such that the highly abrasive grit material is no longer necessary?
  • Can a standardized type and amount of anti-skid material be developed that takes into account “foot-lock?”  Can we devise a formula to measure “foot-lock?”
  • Can shock absorption be applied to make the surface easier on the body?
  • Are there value engineering options to bring installation costs down?

3. What improvements can be made or other options to consider for court heating systems?

  • More efficient system and less costly to install and maintain.

4. Other potential areas for improvement/cost savings that have not been highlighted

  • LED court lights – can they be run on solar power? Other considerations?
  • Chicken-wire walls (would utilizing a plexi-glass wall system like the sport of “padel” be an option?) See for information on Padel court construction.
  • Snowboards made of something other than wood.  Wood snowboards have to be repainted and replaced periodically.

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